My Redemptive Journey

From a Life of Brokenness

I asked, “Do you struggle with lust?” He said, “Yes.”

We were at the lake, and weeks of sustained looks at other women led to mounting suspicion. Dan and I weren’t married. In fact, a drawn-out courtship felt right after four divorces between the two of us, and our happenstance meeting in divorce recovery seemed to encourage us to take it slow.

By this time, we had fallen in love, so I asked questions and listened. As he released one small truth and then another — reneging and changing the account over hours and days — the heavy weight of his 35-year sex addiction was finally laid bare. Prior infidelity, compulsive use of pornography, and always lies. They had now infiltrated our relationship, and the betrayal had become personal.

It would have been easy to leave right then and there.

I grabbed a stone (what would come to symbolize God’s faithfulness and renewal in our marriage) from the shoreline before heading back and prayed earnestly in the following days. The answer within my spirit was to show the grace God had poured over my weaknesses to the broken man before me. Recovery isn’t linear. Setbacks and hurdles tested our relationship throughout the subsequent year, but God’s grace was stronger, and we were married the following spring.

While God redeemed the betrayal by restoring my relationship with Dan, my life has been a story of healing that began 10 years before ever meeting my husband.

At 17 years old, I left the alcoholism and brokenness within my childhood home to join the army. I disregarded the emotional effects of the transition and experiences of prior teenage sexual abuse to pursue a relationship that, at the time, felt safe. After a whirlwind first marriage and divorce, I sought recovery from a compulsive overeating food addiction and trusted God for the first time as my true source of strength and redemption.

Following the end of a tumultuous second marriage, I entered divorce recovery. It was a season of believing that marriage was for me, but only in God’s timing. He has always provided and continues to do so by turning painful experiences into good.

Recovery is rarely linear and, without question, not for the faint of heart. God has gifted us with a marriage we never thought possible, but the ups and downs of healing have often felt like an emotional rollercoaster, forcing me to dig ever deeper as Dan has fought for his own freedom.

When Dan and I return to the lake each year to send off the previous year’s stone, we thank God for how he’s gone before us, choosing a new one in the prayer that even greater healing and a new work would continue to be done in our lives.

Mentoring is part of that new work and purpose of my life. My greatest honor is to now walk alongside you as you submit to the journey to reach a place of healing in your relationship with Christ and a place of emotional empowerment within yourself.

The Hope and Vision

“The purposes of a heart are deep waters, but those who have insight draw them out.”
Proverbs 20:5

Mentoring inspires you to pursue your own deep journey with Christ and to seek the story of redemption that God is already working out in your life. We’ll work to remove the hurdles from both your past and present that hinder you from reaching your God-given identity for the truth that active healing frees you to become the person you were created to be.