If you're seeking some peace,

you're in the right place.

Pain is not the end of your story. In fact, this make-or-break event can spur a journey that leaves you better, becoming more of the person you were created to be. Your spirit can find rest and refreshing from the pain of betrayal as you seek the point at which your voice becomes louder and God’s purpose for your life becomes clearer.

Mentoring gives you the tools to experience peace, (yes, peace!) even in the heavy stuff. Be heard and understood by someone who’s walked among the shadows only to come out on the other side

What I Offer


Individual Mentoring

One-on-one sessions, give you the focus and priority you require to heal. In these sessions, my singular goal is to make you feel heard and understood when so few people can deeply relate to the road you’re walking. Like a mirror that reflects back details from your story that you may never be able to see yourself, I offer clarity and guidance for the future and spiritual direction through prayer, if so desired. In our sessions, we may delve into past and present traumas negatively impacting your relationships, process your reality and validate your experiences in a safe environment, help you establish healthy boundaries, and empower you to discover who you were created to be. Through it all, I’m your encourager, acknowledging how far you’ve come and pushing you always to press on.
Individual mentoring sessions $75 per one hour session.

Couples Mentoring

Angie and her husband Dan offer couple's mentoring sessions via Zoom. Areas of focus can include:
– Helping you get “unstuck”
– Improving communication skills so each person feels heard
– Developing empathy
– Navigating a therapeutic separation
– Look at long-standing unhealthy patterns for the purpose of creating healthier more productive methods
– Practice tools to create emotional safety for each person
– To learn how to safely engage in verbal conflict
– Building safe emotional intimacy and friendship with each other
– Follow-through on any suggestions given by your counselors
Couples mentoring sessions $125 per one hour session.

Support Groups

Recovery is a multi-faceted journey, and the professionals that point you towards hope and healing will speak to different areas of your life. Facilitator-led support groups are a vital experience when many women experiencing trauma lack emotionally safe relationships to process and disclose their experiences. Meet a safe community of like-hearted woman who will encourage and connect with you throughout your healing journey.


Betrayal Trauma Support Group

A group for women whose lives have been impacted by intimate partner betrayal. You may feel lost and alone in your pain. Know that hope and healing are possible. This faith-based group is a safe place for women to find support and fellowship as they work to put their lives back together.

When: Monday evenings at 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Online
Cost: $75/month

When: Wednesday evenings at 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Online
Cost: $75/month

When: Thursday mornings at 9:30-11:30am
Where: Online
Cost: $75/month

Contact today for details and dates of next group.

Register online below, call 815-403-1285 or email freetoflyangie@yahoo.com

Divorce Support Group

A group for women who are walking thru a divorce. Connect with other women walking the same journey. This faith-based group is a safe place for women to find support and fellowship as they work to put their lives back together.

Contact Angie today for details and dates of next group.

Call 815-403-1285 or email freetoflyangie@yahoo.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re ready to whisper your story or shout it out loud, a mentor supportively hears and understands (and will never call you crazy). A partner’s issues with sexual integrity often leave women emotionally and physically “stuck.” That’s why mentors take on your burden alongside you in individual sessions to identify the goals, actions and spiritual direction that will move you to redeemed wholeness. Their encouragement helps you to acknowledge even the smallest areas of progress in your life in order to help you press on along this long and weary journey. The tools you learn in individual sessions (coupled with the tools men can receive from my husband, Dan Andrew’s Redeemed Warriors Mentoring) can also be applied within relationships seeking healing and redemption.
Therapy is an integral part of the healing journey, especially when healing from trauma. It seeks to analyze behavior and delve into family-of-origin issues, helping you to figure out the “why” for the pain experienced in relationships. Trauma-informed mentoring paired with professional therapy can actually shorten the time it takes to heal, equipping you to recognize the “how”: identify the source of problems, devise goals, and take action in healthy ways.
The stories of women seeking healing are as diverse as the tools and therapeutic models available to treat them. That’s why I’m both a BraveHearts-certified and APSATS-trained (Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists) mentor for women who have experienced sexual betrayal. I believe the path to wholeness is best achieved through an intimate relationship with Christ, and I offer biblical wisdom as a Board Certified Biblical Counselor and Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). For clients seeking to align their paths with the presence of God in their lives, I’ve completed a two-year training program in spiritual direction from the Transformational Listening Center of Chicago that equips me to offer clarity and vision through prayer. And while it’s my passion to offer a Christ-centered, holistic approach to mentoring women who have specifically experienced betrayal and sexual infidelity, I am equipped to also address underlying traumas within their lives, such as addiction recovery, divorce recovery, childhood sexual abuse, codependency, and trauma.
While the journey following sexual betrayal or infidelity is an undesirable prospect, it is a fact. Emotions and relationships in the wake of a shocking discovery require your attention, and it’s now your turn to act. When you choose to enter into active recovery, you’ll find parts of yourself — depths and strengths — that you never knew to be true. Our confidential, trust-based partnership is designed to acknowledge and validate your struggle, whatever your stage of healing, while empowering you to explore the possibility of a hopeful and restored future.